"Our team is united by a desire to do things differently and to better meet and exceed client needs and expectations."

Rick Patt MD
Director of Medical and Scientific Affairs

Our values


We do not believe that imaging services should be ‘commoditized’ – we focus on providing high-value expert functions. We are determined to continually ‘raise the bar’, raising industry standards and improving standards.

We are leading a transformation of our industry and believe that our unrivaled combination of expertise, experience, and specialist clinical trial focus will strengthen clinical trials – and ultimately improve each patient’s experience and outcome.

Specialist expertise

We fully understand the importance of what we do and we aim to continually improve the quality and accuracy of results during trials, removing inter- and intra-reader variability reducing site / central discordance, and to tighten development timelines.

Our objective is always to apply our vast and varied experience in successful clinical trials to de-risk trials, support better decision making and ensure new treatments reach the market more rapidly.

Responsive and adaptive

We are never complacent and always determined and driven to raise the bar and achieve more. Our business never stands still.

We do not believe that one size fits all and we are highly flexible and creative in our approach for each client, tailoring our services and solutions to ensure the best fit for the individual trial.

Passionately invested

Every member of our passionate and highly experienced team understands the importance of what we do and we know that we can have a profound impact on the outcome of a clinical trial.

Collaborative and supportive

We are extremely proud of our collaborative, supportive, and empowering culture. Our relationships with our clients and each other are open and respectful and we achieve so much more by working in a collegiate and cooperative way.

Responsible and loyal

We understand the importance of the trusted and genuine partnership we provide. We set realistic expectations and never promise what we can’t deliver and we always strive to get things right the first time, on time. We are unfailingly respectful and always act with professionalism and integrity.

Our story

RadMD was established in 2006 to focus exclusively on medical imaging services and solutions for drug and device development.


Who we are

Founded by experts and radiologist-led, meet the team behind RadMD.


Case studies

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