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RadMD is a leading, full-service medical imaging core lab providing comprehensive services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies in support of drug and medical device clinical trials.

We have a passionately held belief that these are not commoditized services and that our unrivalled combination of expertise, experience and specialist focus will strengthen your trial and ultimately result in more rapid development and improve patient outcomes.

Working with RadMD allows your team to focus on other elements of your clinical trial and reduces the burden of complex imaging decisions.

"We provide client focused solutions that disrupt the status quo in our industry, taking advantage of new technologies to gain operational efficiencies and improve the delivery of standard operations."

Rick Patt & Kohkan Shamsi
Directors of Medical and Scientific Affairs

Your radiology team

Our radiologists will guide your team on assessment and imaging endpoint, criteria selection and exploration of secondary efficacy and safety effects of a compound that provide additional value for decision making.

Our Reader Group

Imaging experts

Our quality extends to our highly skilled project management and operations team.

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Study management

An expert radiologist is assigned to each study who works side by side with the project team and actively contributes to study planning and execution, such as protocol design, imaging endpoint criteria, read model, reader selection, training and on-going management and quality monitoring.

Data management

Our data management team ensures that the case report, database and data exports are designed and configured optimally to ensure the data is acquired, validated, stored, protected, and processed as expected to ensure the accessibility, reliability, and timeliness of the data.

Site management

Training and global support for imaging site investigators, clinicians, CRA's, project managers and many others involved in image evaluation for clinical trials.

Image acquisition

Best in class technology and training (BRITI) to support sites with image protocol and upload compliance.

Image assessment

Our industry leading group of over 300 expert radiologists will have a minimum 5 years' clinical experience, are actively practicing, board certified and sub-specialty fellowship trained (no generalists or clinical trialists)

• Our reader pool includes radiologists, nuclear physicians, oncologists, cardiologists, gastroenterologists, pathologists, endocrinologists, dermatologists and many others

• Readers are globally located and flexible.

A global network

RadMD is part of Medica Group, an international group of expert imaging providers to over 200+ clients worldwide.

At its core, the business model through all Medica Group Plc companies can be summarized as identifying opportunities to improve the service available to clients and patients, using technology and a strong governance framework.

Reader Sourcing: providing sponsors and industry with expert readers

We are the global leader in providing consultants to perform imaging BICR (blinded independent central reviews). We offer sponsors the advantage of having their own dedicated reader group managed by us. These include expert radiologists and other physicians to performed blinded reads and clinical data reviews (CEC’s, DSMB).

Our more than 300 readers read using any software platforms across all vendors. Sponsors can now have readers who are qualified, trained, and performance managed in a standard manner – regardless of what platform or core lab they read for.

Reader selection and contracting time is as short as 10 days or less, allowing rapid read startups. Reader pricing is transparent. And the same qualified readers – exclusive to RadMD – can be used for your BICR’s, regardless of what core lab you use.

RadMD readers are:

  • Board certified
  • Have specialty training
  • Demonstrated disease process expertise – we do not use “general” radiologists, fellows, residents or non-experts
  • Average of 7+ years’ clinical radiology experience
  • Trained using our proprietary BRITI (Blinded Reader and Investigator Training Institute) on GCP and a variety of imaging assessment criteria
  • Readers exclusive to RadMD: ensures meeting the most stringent deadlines
  • Small reader groups reduce variability
  • One contract with RadMD
  • Transparent and competitive reader compensation
  • Proven track record

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RadMD was established in 2006 to focus exclusively on medical imaging services and solutions for clinical trials in drug and device development.


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