Diagnostic Imaging Drug Development Expertise

From lab to market

We provide full-service Imaging Diagnostics Clinical Development, from pre-clinical to IND and NDA submission and Medical Affairs.

We have developed current market leaders

We have led 7 imaging new drug approvals globally: MRI, CT, and radiopharmaceuticals.

Literature-based approvals

Utilizing only existing literature reviews, we have gained 5 new indications for imaging drugs without performing additional clinical trials.

Over 40 years of experience

Between our two RadMD principals, there are over 40 years of contrast agent development experience.

Imaging management solutions

Our full-service imaging management solutions provide a comprehensive set of services to support pharmaceutical, medical device, and AI companies with their clinical trials.


Our reader group

We are the global leader in providing consultants to perform imaging BICR (blinded independent central reviews)


Diagnostic Imaging Drug Development Expertise

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We have 12 years of experience in comprehensive sourcing and management of our readers for over 600 trials.

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Medica Group finance leadership summit 2024

Last week, the annual Medica Group finance leadership summit was held at Medica Ireland's Carrickmines clinic, bringing together team members from Medica UK, Ireland and RadMD. The event provided a…

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RadMD hosts it’s first webinar of 2024: Performing Live Blinded Central Reads in Cancer Trials

Rick Patt, MD, Co-Founder, and Principal of RadMD, led the first webinar of 2024, highlighting live blinded central reads (BICR) in cancer trials. Here are the key points that were covered:…

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RadMD’s Juan Gutierrez MD Leads the Way in Imaging Core Lab Selection at OCT West Coast

Dr. Juan Gutierrez, Medical Director at RadMD, brought his extensive expertise to the forefront at the OCT West Coast conference on February 13. His presentation, "Selecting an Imaging…

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