Last week, the RadMD team had the incredible opportunity to be part of the Clinical Operations in Oncology conference in Boston. It was an immersive experience where we connected with esteemed colleagues, absorbed ground-breaking insights, and shared our own expertise.

The conference acted as a gathering of exceptional minds in the field, all converging to discuss the latest advancements and challenges in oncology research. For us, it was more than just an event – it was a chance to connect, engage, and contribute to the collective knowledge that drives our industry forward.

A highlight of the conference was Dr. Rick Patt’s compelling presentation on ‘Imaging Considerations for Early Phase Oncology Trials.’ Dr. Patt’s talk delved into innovative image analysis techniques that go beyond the conventional RESIST approach, with a focus on enhancing signal detection. He shared insights on navigating discrepancies between site-based and central analyses, outlined distinctions between early-phase and phases 2 and 3 reviews, and provided strategies for optimizing the utility of standard-of-care imaging.

Our participation in the Clinical Operations in Oncology conference reflects our commitment to advancing oncology research. This experience energizes our mission of driving innovation and fostering collaboration.