Reader sourcing: providing sponsors and the industry with expert readers

Quick and efficient management

Our central management of readers ensures their availability to complete reads in a timely manner. Our standardized qualifying, contracting, training, performance management, and logistics, reduce clinical teams’ workload and ensures quality.

Wide variety of experts

Our team includes: radiologists, nuclear physicians, oncologists, cardiologists, gastroenterologists, pathologists, endocrinologists, dermatologists, and many others.

We are the global leader in providing consultants to perform imaging BICR (blinded independent central reviews). We offer sponsors the advantage of having their own dedicated reader group managed by us. These include expert radiologists and other physicians to perform blinded reads and clinical data reviews (CECs, DSMB).

Our more than 300 readers read using any software platform across all vendors. Sponsors can now have readers who are qualified, trained, and performance managed in a standard manner – regardless of what platform or core lab they read for – through RadMD’s MY READER POOL program.

Reader selection and contracting time is as short as 10 days or less, allowing rapid read startups. Reader pricing is transparent. And the same qualified readers – exclusive to RadMD – can be used for your BICRs, regardless of what core lab you use.

RadMD readers are:

  • Board certified
  • Have specialty training
  • Demonstrated disease process expertise – we do not use “general” radiologists, fellows, residents, or non-experts
  • Average of 7+ years of clinical radiology experience
  • Trained using our proprietary BRITI (Blinded Reader and Investigator Training Institute) on GCP and a variety of imaging assessment criteria
  • Readers exclusive to RadMD: ensures meetings the most stringent deadline
  • Small reader groups reduce variability
  • One contract with RadMD
  • Transparent and competitive reader compensation
  • Proven track record

BRITI: Blinded Reader and Investigator Training Institute

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