BICR Reader Training Practices that Enable Best Performance of your Reader Group

03/06/2023 1:10 pm

You are invited to an interactive RadMD Webinar:  BICR Reader Training Practices that enable Best Performance of your Reader Group 

Presenter: Dr. Rick Patt, RadMD Co-founder 

Panelist: Dr. Rendon Nelson, RadMD Medical Director 

RadMD’s Medical & Scientific Affairs team will review different types of reader training and share proven reader training strategies that have supported high quality Blinded Independent Central Reviews (BICRs) and regulatory approvals. While blinded reader training is sometimes considered as a “checkbox,” there are a variety of reader training best practices across the industry that ensure success. 

We will have time for questions, so please bring your Reader Training questions and we will gladly review.  

Dr. Patt has over 25 years of experience performing BICRs, training blinded readers, and overseeing reader performance. Dr. Nelson has over 20 years of experience in clinical trial imaging.