Radiology expertise on your team

Working with RadMD is like having a radiologist on your team. The very foundation of our beliefs holds that radiology expertise is critical to capturing high quality imaging data for internal decision making and regulatory submission. 

Flexible & customized for all phases

Phase 1 does not fit a Phase 3 templated design. RadMD adapts processes to your unique compound and the imaging needs to meet your goals. Is it a phase 1 go/no-go decision or a non-stop oncology program for FDA submission? A thoughtful approach for all. 

Innovative technology

RadMD utilizes best in class technology depending on your trial needs and imaging modality. Options for image workflow, reads and analysis let RadMD tailor tech to budgets and needs of the trial while maintaining the highest quality and compliance standards. 

Reader group

Readers are the most important part of the independent image review. Period. Our primary focus has been on building, training, and managing the premier industry reader group. 

Global scope

RadMD has worked with sites in over 80 countries. With offices in Philadelphia, Miami and London, we support teams and sites 24/7/365. We have trained over 1000 sites with BRITI site technical training. 

Regulatory support

RadMD supports IND, NDA, and PMA submissions for over 50 worldwide regulatory agencies. 

How can we help?

You need an imaging strategy designed for your trial: one size doesn’t fit all. By choosing RadMD, you can be assured that we will:

  • Provide a leading team of specialist clinical trial readers
  • Uphold the highest standards of clinical excellence
  • Have an unrivaled commitment to innovation, training, and education
  • Offer a full-service proposition, providing high-value, expert functions
  • Develop a genuine and trusted partnership with your team
  • Work with you from the development phase through to phase three (or approval)

Diagnostic imaging agents

Unparalleled expertise and a proven track record in bringing drugs to approval


AI validation

RadMD is the global leader providing expert readers, truthers, and core lab operations to perform blinded imaging and clinical reviews to meet the rigorous needs of AI imaging trials



A radiologist-led imaging provider focusing on blinded central and site reads with a specialty in oncology trials

Clinical trials expertise

Areas of expertise

With our deep reader pool and expert approach, RadMD is here to support you wherever your research leads


We have gained 5 new indications for imaging drugs without performing additional trials.

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