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Maintaining the pre-eminent team of specialist clinical trial radiologists and readers in the industry

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Achieving the highest standards of clinical excellence

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An unrivalled commitment to innovation, training and education to build specialist skills internally and externally

Leading the way

Accurate, fast medical imaging plays an increasingly instrumental role in clinical trials. New imaging modalities, modified endpoint criteria and advanced analytics provide essential knowledge of disease and treatment effects to support internal decision making and regulatory submissions.

RadMD was established in 2006 to focus exclusively on medical imaging services and solutions for drug and device development. Our reputation has been and will continue to be, built on the firm foundation of the highest standards of clinical excellence and pre-eminent readers.

Led by radiologists and globally supported by Medica Group Plc, RadMD guarantees expert, specialist image management solutions that improve results and reduce time to market.

Latest News

RadMD hosts first webinar of 2024: Performing Live Blinded Central Reads in Cancer Trials

Dr. Rick Patt, MD, Co-Founder, and Principal of RadMD, led the first webinar of 2024, highlighting live blinded central reads (BICR) in cancer trials. Here are the key points that were covered:…

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RadMD’s Dr. Juan Gutierrez Leads the Way in Imaging Core Lab Selection at OCT West Coast

Dr. Juan Gutierrez, Medical Director at RadMD, brought his extensive expertise to the forefront at the OCT West Coast conference on February 13. His presentation, "Selecting an Imaging…

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Collaborative and supportive, responsible and loyal – we pride ourselves on upholding our company values to ensure you have the best experience.


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