Last week, the annual Medica Group finance leadership summit was held at Medica Ireland’s Carrickmines clinic, bringing together team members from Medica UK, Ireland and RadMD. The event provided a valuable opportunity for collaboration and knowledge sharing.

In recent years, the finance team has been working diligently to unite their efforts across countries and divisions. This includes aligning reporting procedures and transitioning to a single accounting system. During the 2024 summit, the focus remained on maintaining this momentum and enhancing key processes and controls. Emphasis was also placed on improving communication and fostering stronger business partnerships.

As part of the summit, the finance team captured some moments together to commemorate the occasion. Here are some pictures showcasing their teamwork and camaraderie.


The Medica Group finance leadership summit 2024 was a testament to the ongoing efforts of the finance team to streamline operations and promote collaboration. With a renewed focus on alignment and communication, the team is well-positioned for continued success in the future.