In a bid to strengthen ties and promote business opportunities between the UK and the US, RadMD and Medica co-hosted a highly successful breakfast event titled ‘Wake up to AI: Use in clinical trials and teleradiology’. The gathering took place at the prestigious British Consulate General’s residence in Chicago, drawing a notable crowd from leading organisations in the field.

The event witnessed the participation of distinguished representatives from renowned companies such as Sectra, Siemens, Annalise AI, RadMag, Takeda,, Lucida Medical, DeepTek, Cerebriu, Merck, Merck Kga, Therapixel, IDX, The Faculty of Radiology of Ireland, Pukka J, Terarecon, Reveal Pharma, Qmenta, Reveal DX, i Sono, Medica UK and Ireland reporters, along with our UK exec team, US team, and IK Partners.

The Consul General, whose familial connection to radiology added a personal touch, shared insights into the purpose and significance of such collaborative events aimed at fostering business relations between the UK and the US. Subsequently, Medica CEO Stuart Quin provided a comprehensive overview of Medica’s global presence and recent expansion initiatives. Rob Lavis, Group Medical Director, discussed the current opportunities and challenges in applying AI in medicine. Dr Rick Patt of RadMD spoke of the opportunities that AI presented to research reporting.

During the morning breakfast, against the scenic backdrop of Lake Michigan, attendees engaged in thoughtful conversations. The success of the event was made possible by the active participation and collaboration of all those in attendance. Medica Group and RadMD express their gratitude to everyone who contributed to making this gathering a meaningful and insightful experience. The shared commitment to advancements in medical technology and collaborative partnerships continues to drive innovation and progress in the field.