Juan Gutierrez MD

Director of Medical and Scientific Affairs

Dr. Juan Gutierrez, a NeuroRadiologist, has a diverse background in pharmaceutical research. With over two decades of experience, he held leadership roles in drug development at Schering AG in Germany and the USA. Dr. Gutierrez is well-versed in global regulatory affairs, having submitted New Drug Applications and supporting the approval of numerous contrast agents worldwide.

His expertise extends to global drug development and imaging in clinical trials. Dr. Gutierrez has led over 50 clinical trials across various therapeutic areas and continents, demonstrating his proficiency in utilizing advanced imaging techniques such as CT, MRI, and radiopharmaceuticals.

In addition to his clinical and regulatory work, Dr. Gutierrez has made significant contributions to scientific literature. He has authored a book, a book chapter, and over 90 papers and abstracts in peer-reviewed journals. Dr. Gutierrez actively participates in scientific forums and conferences worldwide, where he shares his expertise as a respected lecturer.