Kohkan Shamsi MD


Kohkan Shamsi, MD, PhD, Director of Medical and Scientific Affairs, is a radiologist with 25+ years of clinical development experience for drugs and devices.

Before founding RadMD, he worked as research physician at Schering AG in Berlin, Germany and as Head of Medical Development and clinical operations at Berlex and Bayer and was CEO of US operations of ECRON ACUNOVA, a global clinical CRO. He has conceptualized, coordinated, and executed >100 multi-center, international (Europe, the USA, South America, Asia and Australia) clinical trials (phase I – phase IV) in the areas of oncology, cardiology, neurology and MRI and CT contrast agents and radiopharmaceuticals.

He has contributed towards development of guidelines for clinical development of contrast agents for the FDA and EMA, and the FDA draft imaging guidance for use of imaging in oncology trials. He has authored a book and chapters and published more than 90 full publications and abstracts in indexed journals. He is also part of industry initiative for standardization of imaging in clinical trials.